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The Ancient Art of Prophecy from the Oldest Civilization

Atlantis was more than a legend; it was an actual country that can be dated back to the fifteenth century BC. The famous philosopher Plato mentioned Atlantis in his writings, locating it beyond Hercules’ columns, that is, in the straits of Gibraltar.1

When Altantis rose up from the sea in roiling water and whirling air, coming to rest between Europe, Africa and America, the existing world changed drastically. For the birth of Atlantis changed the existing world, in particular by affecting the moon’s gravity so that it moved closer to the Earth, as close to the Earth as it is now. Then, the moon itself began to deeply influence humankind. In fact, the moon was the origin of thinking, and it contributed to the development of intelligence in human beings, who, until then, lived like wild animals. It was from that point that humans began to create and build new things; they built their first houses and continued to increase their know-how throughout the centuries until they mastered technology.

Long before the Romans appeared, the citizens of Atlantis knew how to build bridges, roads, and quays using huge stones. Captain Jacques Cousteau, the famous French explorer, marine biologist, author, and filmmaker, who dedicated his life to the sea and its treasures, filmed some relics of Atlantis that lie in the ocean along the American continent. Atlantis did exist. It’s known to have been a paradise on Earth, where people were happy and content, having everything they needed for their well being.

Sadly, however, as human beings are wont to do, some outsiders were intent on conquering this land of peace and prosperity. When the attacks began and as they continued, most of the citizens of Atlantis flew to Egypt and Mexico. Among the major structures that they had built in Atlantis were pyramids, which served as initiation centers. Settled in Egypt and Mexico, they decided to use their profound knowledge to build pyramids again, though, this time, the shapes were modified, perhaps more in tune with the cultural ideals of the indigenous populations..

Eventually,when Atlantis was finally destroyed, its last citizens moved to the European continent, settling along what is now the French-Spanish border. In fact, in this region, we can find round stelae (upright stone commemorative tablet) similar to the ones built in Mexico’s old cemeteries . Some citizens of Atlantis decided to travel farther, and they settled in Brittany in France. These are the people whom we know as the druids and who built stelae, dolmens (table stones), and menhirs (tall stones), which are the simplest type of pyramids 2.

The remains of Atlantis are today’s Canary Islands, the Azores, the Caribbean islands, and Bermuda.

As to their spiritual tradition, the Atlanteans first worshipped the sun, as it gave them fruit, seeds, and warmth. But it soon became clear to them that a “superior spirit” created everything, including the Earth. They developed a priestly hierarchy that included a high priestess, a high priest, fire priestesses, and shaven-head priests who could feel vibratory waves emanating from the cosmos. These waves helped them to have a better understanding of the divine world. The symbols that they used in their cosmology gave birth to the Oracle of Atlantis, which the high priests used in order to gain a better understanding of human beings and, also, in order to give accurate advice to those who asked them for help.

These Arcana, the two divisions of the Tarot deck, date back to the very ancient ages of human existence. It’s up to you to feel them, to experience them, to understand them, and to express them through words.

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